About us

Placestomeetsingles.com was born in 2017 when we noticed that the pages of online dating began to grow, and that there was nowhere to review and offer objective opinions on the services offered by these portals. With that intention we create a list of the best portals of meetings, based on our experience and try them all. In order to do our reviews, we analyze the navigation environment, the ease of use, the real possibilities of finding a partner based on the number of profiles, the comments of real users, and ultimately everything that makes a dating portal pass from Be one more to be among the best.

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These three sources of information make it possible to determine related couples whose relationship would have a high probability of becoming a lasting and true relationship. The security of the personal data we use for our brokering work is key to Placestomeetsingles.com: all data is received and stored with secure encryption systems and in no case are transferred to third parties or accessible to other users.